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Who Are We?

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     Hi Friends,_cc781905-5cde-3194_bbf358-

   We are "Acıbadem University Faculty of Medicine Scientific Research Society", ACUTBAT for short.

As    ACUTBAT, our main belief is; To enable students from all departments, classes and universities to understand their desire and curiosity for science and research, and to enable students to see the potential within themselves.

   For this purpose, we ensure that lecturers, congresses, symposiums come to you and you can easily access them.

  That's why we host congresses, symposia and speakers.

The second aim of ACUTBAT is to provide students with the chance to learn in specific fields they want with the help of leading instructors. More importantly, to provide ease of access to the speaker. For this purpose, we continue our student congress called "A Look Into Science" / ALIS19', which we have been holding for three years, with our hardworking team. We continue from where we left off in May this year.

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The tertiary aim of ACUTBAT is to provide medical students in Turkey with a perspective on innovation in medicine. We wholeheartedly believe that we can achieve this goal. In line with this aim, we contacted three universities, and we took a step for a symposium called “MABS” with Marmara and Bahçeşehir University.

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